Syndicated Studies

The Color of a Woman or Femininity in women's eyes and its use in marketing

Curious as to whether femininity and women's roles have changed, we have conducted a segmentation study in which women themselves had an opportunity to speak out on their own needs, aims, aspirations and expectations in relation to their femininity.

Trends in Poles' nutritional habits. 2012 Edition

Are Poles’ eating habits changing? Are they paying attention to what they eat? What do they think of their health and weight? What do Poles understand by healthy nutrition?  Answers to these and other questions will be provided by the report “Trends in Poles’ nutritional habits. 2012 Edition”.

The Polish OTC Consumer

OTC products are available in Poland not only in pharmacies, but also in kiosks, petrol stations, drugstores and in grocery shops. The market for products sold without prescriptions is still growing rapidly, while the temporary downturns have little effect on it.