The Color of a Woman or Femininity in women's eyes and its use in marketing



The world today forces women as well as men to redefine their life roles, which often leads to confusion and misunderstandings. Much has already been said and written about the difficult situation of men and the crisis of masculinity. But what about women?

Curious as to whether femininity and women's roles have also changed, we have conducted a segmentation study in which women themselves had an opportunity to speak out on their own needs, aims, aspirations and expectations in relation to their femininity. We obtained portraits of five segments of women who clearly differ from each other in terms of philosophy of life, perception of their own femininity and what defines it. The differences between these segments have the potential to impact various marketing activities targeting at least half of the population..

Main research areas:

  • How would female Poles like to feel as women? - Segmentation
  • Femininity through women's eyes
  • Satisfaction with life
  • Woman and man
  • Interests and hobbies

The segmentation of women was performed using Censydiam methodology, which is based on hidden and unconscious motivations. The research consisted of a quantitative part (on-line interviews (Ipsos panel) on a nationwide, representative sample of women in respect to age, place of residence, voivodship and education) and a qualitative part (Extended Focus Group Interviews- EFGI).


An important element of the syndicated project Color of a Woman are activation workshops, during which the segmentation from the report serves as the basis for generating ideas to activate products and brands with a particular segment of women in mind.

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Patrycja Szymańska
Qualitative Research Director


Mateusz Głowacki  
Quantative Research Director