Ipsos Exit Poll delivers extremely accurate predictions for the Parliamentary elections in Poland


The recent Exit Poll for the Parliamentary elections conducted by Ipsos has once again confirmed the extreme predictively of our research methodology.

The Ipsos Exit Poll published at 21:00 and the Ipsos Late Poll published at 05:00 accurately predicted the results of the election to within an average error of less than 1% (full results below).

It is a specific of the Polish parliamentary election system that there is a critical threshold which determines if a party will get seats in the assembly. The Ipsos Exit Poll was able to correctly predicted the results of all the parties that were close to this threshold.

Said Anna Karczmarczuk, CEO of Ipsos in Poland “We realize how many people, during the election night, are waiting for our data. That is why we are fully aware of the responsibility that lays upon us. Delivering precise and accurate data immediately  after the polling stations close  was made possible thanks to our excellent team. We are very happy that once again we managed to deliver a solid and reliable election forecast.”

The Exit Poll survey was commissioned jointly by Telewizja Polska, TVN 24 and Polsat News.


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