Ipsos accurately predicted the results of first and second round of presidential elections on the basis of Exit Poll


Two rounds of presidential elections are behind us. The survey fate of candidates oscillated until the last minute before the election silence closing.

Ipsos conducted  both Exit Poll rounds of the elections. On election day surveys ranged the reach of 500 randomly selected polling stations. Based on the collected data, after the election silence, television stations have provided estimated results of the vote.

The official results announced by the National Electoral Commission showed the accuracy of Ipsos forecasts in both ballots. Ipsos has once again demonstrated how accurately and reliably it can predict the election result.

“We are very much aware of the privilege and responsibility that comes with conducting these Exit Polls and we are extremely happy  that once again we were able to deliver such outstanding level of accuracy” - says Anna Karczmarczuk, CEO Ipsos in Poland.

The Exit Poll survey was commissioned jointly by Telewizja  Polska, TVN 24 and Polsat News.

Below you can find Ipsos results comparing with and official PKW results.




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