Omnibus survey

What is it?

  • OMNIBUS is a poll conducted throughout Poland every month by Ipsos. It covers a 1000-strong representative sample of the Polish population aged 15 and over, providing both market and public opinion research.
  • The interview questionnaire in the OMNIBUS survey contains blocks of questions commissioned by a variety of clients, thanks to which the research cost per research client is relatively low: each pays for their own specific questions, and not the entire poll. OMNIBUS is the cheapest representative opinion poll.
  • Questions for the questionnaire used in the OMNIBUS survey can be ordered up to two weeks in advance of the poll. Results are provided one week after the completion of interviewing.
  • As a standard the findings are provided in statistical tables. Should the client so wish, we also carry out more detailed data analyses, including with the application of advanced statistical techniques. One can also order a report presenting the results of these analyses and their interpretation. A data base coupled with sample data may be provided on a client's request.

Representative sample

  • Every month the OMNIBUS poll is conducted in 100 localities in Poland, drawn at random with likelihood proportional to their populations. In each locality drawn the interviewers select respondents in line with detailed instructions ensuring that the sample remains nationally representative for sex, age and level of education.

Interviewer wrok and verification

  • OMNIBUS interviews are conducted by qualified Ipsos interviewers in the respondent's home, place of work or a friendly public place. We verify by telephone 20% of the interviews conducted.
  • The Omnibus survey is being conducted using CAPI technology (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) with laptop computers equipped with specialist NIPO software.Applying CAPI methodology in the omnibus poll enables:
    - improvement of data quality
    - automatic data collection
    - faster fieldwork
    - better control and elimination of errors
    - automatic rotation of questions asked / items
    - presentation of multimedia materials to the respondent
    (commercials, animations, audio files, photographs, graphics)

Possible aplication

  • Cross-section surveys of large populations (e.g. all adult consumers) covering the entire country, region or a few regions.
  • Descriptive studies of selected social groups or market segments.
  • "Barometer" type studies enabling observation of selected developments in equal intervals of time (trend surveys).
  • Monitoring of the consequences of promotional, advertising or other campaigns enabling their modification depending on the survey findings.
  • One-off research allowing one to grasp the presence and concentration of a specific development or expected effect, etc.