Telephone interviewing

We are one of the largest providers in the world

Ipsos has developed a network of custom built, in-house CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) centres across the world, enabling us to offer true, global reach.

Our networked CATI centres offer a total of 4,000 interviewing stations and in the past year have conducted 10 million interviews making us one of the largest providers in the world. Our centres regularly link together to provide clients with round-the-clock global coverage. In Poland we can offer 65 interviewing stations.

Using CATI increases the accuracy and comparability of data as it allows complex questionnaires to be programmed and, by linking CATI to dialers, enables significant increases in the speed and efficiency of data collected. The dialler technology also allows us to offer full voice recording and remote monitoring of interviews.

We have different centres specialising in the different types of work we offer and we make sure the right teams are working on each project -  we have specialist quantitative and qualitative teams, expert in engaging with different audiences from business people, politicians, medical professionals, financial experts, opinion leaders, consumers and citizens from all walks of life.

Our centers have teams who are experienced at delivering both consumer and complex business-to-business studies according to our stringent quality excellence procedures that have been developed to meet the quality standards and legal requirements in local markets and ensure that we provide a cost efficient and high quality service.

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Paweł Predko
Operations Director, Ipsos