Mobile interviewing

Mobile research

Our mobile phones are rarely out of reach (in fact 4 in 5 smartphone owners use their phone within 15 minutes of waking up), providing the ideal tool for gaining real-time insight at the point of experience, activity, or consumption. They allow us to reach participants at the exact moment their opinions are formed.

For over 10 years, Ipsos has carried out mobile research, evolving from simple SMS surveys to app-based quantitative and qualitative research and in browser online mobile surveys.

Some of the benefits of mobile research include:

  • Respondents can be reached in the moment, including when they are on the moves
  • Participants respond while they are in their natural environment and are not forced to recall their mindset and actions at a later stage
  • The mobile phone is a ubiquitous technology with a broad demographic reach. It is also a good way to reach the youth market
  • Other contextual information can be collected including GPS location, images etc.
  • Surveys can be triggered when a respondent enters or exits a location
  • As mobile phones are used regularly, a high percentage of participants respond within the first 10 minutes of contact


Mobile research in Ipsos

We are using mobile techniques right across our portfolio to complement our current offering. We’ve found mobile particularly useful for providing ‘in the moment’ and contextual insights in the following areas:

Brand Touchpoints: to reveal how consumers interact and respond to brand advertising, word of mouth and other brand touchpoints in ‘real time’

Market Understanding: to measure ‘in the moment’ usage and attitude without relying on recall

Product Testing: to capture feedback during and immediately after use; before the fragrance, flavour, feel, etc. are a distant memory.

Shopper Experience: to accompany shoppers as they make purchasing decisions

Customer Journey: to follow the customer experience while it happens and record resulting emotions before they are post-rationalised

Employee Feedback: to provide staff with an engaging and simple method of providing regular feedback

Media Consumption: to record how, where and why people consume various media content

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Paweł Predko
Operations Director, Ipsos