Data processing

We have among the best global capabilities in the industry

Our highly trained, specialized staffs are able to satisfy even the most complex tabulation specifications. We are able to produce data tables in multiple formats and facilitate the easy transfer of tabulated data into presentation ready materials.

Tabulations are just one of many deliverables available from our global Data Processing group; we are able to take any input and put it into the output required by our clients.  PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Web Based Dashboards, data files and data bases of are all easily accommodated. Ipsos has the experience and expertise to satisfy even the most diverse client requirement. 
Ipsos has state of the art coding centers that will service the needs of our clients.  We employ the most advanced hardware and software solutions to provide high quality coding of open end questions in a very timely and cost effective manner.  The combination of our global capacities and technology allows us to provide our clients with high volume coding with unmatched accuracy.

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Paweł Predko
Operations Director, Ipsos