Hidden Metaphors

A method used for extracting insights lying beneath thethreshold ofconsciousness

Why and when?

  • So as to obtain original insights that can be used for creating unique concepts and communication

What do you get?

  • A web of associations, meanings, emotions, benefits and product attributes from consumers' minds for using in the creation of new concepts
  • Interesting ideas for communication (e.g. advertising, packaging)


  • In the week preceding the study, the respondents collect pictures that show their feelings related to the subject
  • During an interview the respondent discusses each picture and expands upon the themes / subjects / ideas emerging during the conversation, and determines the relations between them
  • When one needs to treat certain subjects in greater depth, the moderator uses an additional set of photographs for equivocal, metaphoric interpretation

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Patrycja Szymańska
Qualitative Research Director