Shopper Research

Maximisation of sales and profits by means of fully satisfying consumer needs

What questions are answered?

  • Why do consumers buy? (needs/ motivations / situations)
  • How and when are decisions made to buy products?
  • How do consumers behave at the product display site?
  • Are particular products and their variants easy to find?
  • How do sales personnel look at this issue? 
  • How should a private label (store brand) line of products look, what determines purchase decisions within such a brand


  • Specific methods for particular research issues (observations, assisted shopping, in-store route tracking, registering purchases, interviews with store personnel…)

What do you get?

  •  Practical recommendations for specific situations and problems

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Patrycja Szymańska
Qualitative Research Director


Mateusz Głowacki  
Quantative Research Director