Pack Evolution

Testing all the parameters ofeffective packaging

Why and when?

  • In order to quickly and efficiently assess various pack proposals
  • When you want to distinguish a brand on the shelf within a rich competitive context
  • To increase brand sales with a smaller marketing budget available

What do you get?

  • Indication of the best pack proposal in the competitive context
  • Indication of the most effective direction for work on the packaging
  • Analysis of key effectiveness indicants, carried out among competitor brands


  • Quantitative module: respondents placed before a virtual shelf answer questions allowing one to measure prompted product noticeability, how well the packaging is connected to the brand, its attractiveness and is persuasiveness
  • Module based on a behavioural approach: observation of respondents' eye movements when looking at the virtual shop shelf, using the Eye tracker

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Patrycja Szymańska
Qualitative Research Director


Mateusz Głowacki  
Quantative Research Director