Designor Shelf™

Sales volume test in the final phase of work on a product

Why and when?

  • When all elements of the marketing mix are (almost) ready, and one needs a precise assessment of a new product before launch plus indications on how to maximise potential

What do you get?

  • A full assessment of the product mix covering product, price, packaging and communication in the competitive context
  • Precise forecast of sales volume and the level of cannibalisation within the first two years following product launch


  • By recreating a genuine shopping situation, in which the consumers choose the brand at the shop shelf
  • Work on the product does not have to be totally finished – one can use animatics, concepts, or packaging mock-ups
  • No norms required for the model

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Patrycja Szymańska
Qualitative Research Director


Mateusz Głowacki  
Quantative Research Director