WAO! Wallet Allocation Optimizer

Measuring a customer’s share of total expenditures (share of wallet) on a given category

When is it worth using?

  • Are you interested in surveying satisfaction or loyalty?
  • Do you wish to find out not only how satisfied your customers are, but also what you need to do to increase market share?
  • Would you like to retain the metrics (CSI, LI, NPS and others) you are currently using while enriching your research with truly operative elements?

What do you get?

  • Research results that enables you to estimate your share of a customer’s total expenditures on a category.
  • The ability to identify the characteristics of your products or services whose improvement will drive the greatest increase in share of wallet.
  • Like any satisfaction or loyalty study, it will provide customer loyalty measurements.

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Andrzej Anterszlak
Ipsos Loyalty Director