Customer loyalty and satisfaction studies

Holding on to current customers is one of the most important tasks a company is faced with. It is a very difficult task in today's global and exceptionally competitive market. In order to cope, companies have to possess a great deal of knowledge on the market and consumers.

Keeping customers is very important - as loyal customers spend more and also act as advocates of your brand. Building up consumer loyalty simply means bigger profits for your company.

Ipsos helps in understanding and building customer loyalty. We offer a modern approach to Customer Satisfaction Measurement studies (CSM) and Customer Relations Management (CRM).

We offer innovative research tools that will help you:

  • Keep you current customers for as long as possible
  • Acquire new high-potential customers
  • Increase your clients' satisfaction
  • Get your employees involved and motivated
  • Maximise the return on investment

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Andrzej Anterszlak
Ipsos Loyalty Director