iOmnibus services

•    iOMNIBUS combines the benefits of an Omnibus methodology with the speed of online research.
•    Ability to employ multimedia techniques such as video, audio and on-screen imaging.
•    1,000 adults nationally representative at weekly basis 
•    Access to a large volume of suplimentary demographic information.
•    Sample from the Ipsos Online Panels.
•    Large coverage

Representativeness of the sample
•    Random sample provides nationwide representativeness of the sample based on age, sex, region, employment status, and the responsibility for shopping

Possible aplication
•    Cross-section surveys of large populations (e.g. all adult consumers) covering the entire country, region or a few regions.
•    Descriptive studies of selected social groups or market segments.
•    "Barometer" type studies enabling observation of selected developments in equal intervals of time (trend surveys).
•    Monitoring of the consequences of promotional, advertising or other campaigns enabling their modification depending on the survey findings.
•    One-off research allowing one to grasp the presence and concentration of a specific development or expected effect, etc.

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Paweł Predko
Operations Director, Ipsos