Interviewer network

Ipsos has a network of interviewers at its disposal covering all of Poland. Headquarters in Warsaw directs our representatives in the field (co-ordinators), who average 7 years' experience and are responsible for conducting studies in all of the provinces of the country. Every week Ipsos can call upon 500 interviewers residing in or near the main cities of Poland. Moreover, co-ordinators have a reserve list of 350 interviewers who can be pressed into service in the case of larger projects.

The high work efficiency and very good quality of interviews conducted by our interviewer network stem from the following factors:

  • the size of the network, which enables us to conduct all kinds of studies and surveys
  • experience in a variety of studies and data collection methods
  • a well-developed control system that guarantees the high quality of field work
  • the honesty and reliability of our interviewers
  • our capacity to conduct research anywhere in Poland
  • the widespread geographic distribution of our network, which enables us to reduce costs