Ipsos will conduct exit poll survey during voting in parliamentary elections


On behalf of TV stations: TVP 1, TVN24 and Polsat News, Ipsos will conduct a study of the exit poll during the voting in the parliamentary elections scheduled for 25 October 2015.

Exit poll survey will be conducted in front of 900 randomly selected polling stations. Ipsos pollsters will ask the person who gave voice to fill out a short questionnaire. Based on the collected data, after the election silence, the following tv stations: TVP 1 / TVP INFO / TVN24 / TVN24 Business and World / Polsat News will present the estimated results of the vote. They will provide information about the percentage of support for individual electoral committees in the vote for the parliament, the distribution of seats and voter turnout.

Ipsos has many years of international experience in the implementation of socio-political (Sector Public Affairs) and exit poll surveys. Ipsos has a particularly strong position in France, the United States, Canada and the UK, where for many years successfully implementing such projects. In the last two years in Poland, Ipsos has conducted all the exit poll surveys executed during the European Parliament elections, local elections and two rounds of elections for the President of Poland.

Ipsos Group is the third largest research company in the world, present in 87 countries. It employs more than 16 thousands employees and works for up to 5 thousands customers worldwide. In 2014 he carried out more than 70 million interviews.