CATI telephone surveys

We conduct telephone studies using CATI@Home, a state-of-the-art system that enable interviewers to work in their own homes. This system is considerably more productive than a conventional CATI studio: analysis of the competition shows that our telephone studies are conducted faster than our competitors’. Moreover, the quality of research conducted by interviewers in their homes is high.

How does it work?

To do their jobs, our interviewers only need a computer, software we provide them, headphones and permanent internet access. We cooperate with people who live throughout Poland - Ipsos interviewers reside in big cities and small towns; they include university students, mothers with small children and disabled people. What they have in common is motivation, productivity and a gift for gab.

High quality

Our interviewers work in their homes, but their work is monitored. The control department, located at Ipsos headquarters, continually listens in on interviews as they are being conducted and checks questionnaires as they are being filled out. Clients may eavesdrop and spy, too, if they wish. Moreover, our system enables us to track and analyze the productivity and correctness of interviewer performance.


Our CATI@Home software enables us to conduct studies faster than our competitors. A special program automatically selects telephone numbers and cuts off erroneous calls, which speeds up the process considerably. The program also monitors the number of successfully conducted interviews, thereby letting us know which interviewers are working the most efficiently.


Currently, we have 65 licenses to use the CATI@Home system – the equivalent of 90 work stations in a conventional CATI studio. If the necessity arises, we can quickly increase system capacity, because we are not limited by the size of a CATI studio – we only have to buy additional licenses.