Rating of campaign effectiveness after the campaign is over

Why and when?

  • To assess:
    » combined effect of advertising (copy) and the media used
    » advert effectiveness: outlay in relation to the goals achieved
    » advert usefulness in further communication

What do you get?

  • Information regarding whether a specific advert should still be used
  • Diagnosis of an advert's effectiveness in regard to getting through to consumers and its impact on brand condition
  • Analysis of graph curves showing reaction - revealing the rate of change in advert effectiveness depending on the number of contacts (OTS)


  • Quantitative survey (CAPI) within 10-12 days of the end of a campaign
  • Diagnosis of TV commercials also in the context of other media
  • Habits related to watching television analysed in relation to telemetric data and compared to the campaign's media plan

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director