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Pre-test of a printed advert (press or outdoor)

Why and when?

  • In order to check the effectiveness of a printed advert in its natural setting:
    » its power of making a mark compared to other adverts
    » whether comprehension of the advert is in line with the adopted strategy
    » whether it evokes the desired changes in behaviour and brand perception

What do you get?

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of a printed advert (press / outdoor) in regard to noticeability and reaction evoked (persuasiveness / impact on brand)
  • Full diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses of the advert based also on non-verbal reactions (hot-spot analysis)


  • Concealed test: respondent unaware that he/she will be assessing an advert (placed in its natural setting depending on the medium, among other adverts)
  • Monadic test (each respondent only rates a single advert)
  • Experimental model: comparing the results to a control group not coming into contact with the advert making it possible to assess its impact in relation the brand's current situation on the market in question

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director