An instant review of creative ideas together with a qualitative inspection

Why and when?

  • At the initial stage of advert creation (a few creative ideas)
  • When one requires quantitative data and a qualitative inspection
  • When time matters (a full picture in 1-2 days)

What do you get?

  • Quantitative estimate of the potential of each creative concept compared to norms
  • Qualitative interpretation of the quantitative results
  • Recommendations regarding choice and optimisation of the most promising idea


  • Instant method (1-2 days) combining a quantitative survey (100 advert interviews) with qualitative research (Focus Group Interviews):
    » option of observing the quantitative and qualitative sessions
    » access to results in real time
    » interaction between the client, research agency, and person running the project

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director