Pre-test of a multimedia advertising campaign

Why and when?

  • When communication covering a variety of channels is planned (above the line, below the line, through the line)

What do you get?

  • Answers to the following:
    » how effective will my campaign be? How can I increase its effectiveness?
    » will a campaign using many channels of communication be more effective than a traditional TV-based approach?
    » do each of the campaign elements accomplish their goals?
    » do the different campaign elements provide a synergy effect?


  • Quantitative pre-test of multi-channel campaigns (adverts shown in the context of their medium)
  • Full version used for assessing the entire campaign and the contribution of each element
  • Simplified version enabling an alternative approach: choosing between different campaigns, taking into account the "dominating" element (e.g. TV) and defining the contribution of the "rest"; comparisons between countries / markets, etc.

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director