Emoti*Scape™ is a standard test used for measuring feelings evoked by a brand or advertisement.


Why and when?

  • The Emoti*Scape™ test can be added to any research study in which information about emotional associations is important.
  • This test is frequently used to describe feelings aroused by ads. For example the Emoti*Scape™ map enables comparison of emotions actually evoked by the advertisement being tested with the emotions the ad’s authors intend to evoke.
  • Emoti*Scape™ is also used for investigating the emotional image of brands, in other words providing answers to the question regarding what feelings consumers associate a specific brand with. Tests conducted to date show that there is a strong link between type of emotions evoked by brands and their persuasive force measured in consumers’ intention to have or buy. To put it simply, consumers prefer buying brands that generate positive feelings.


  • Respondents are shown a map of 40 emotions, each of them represented by an illustration of a facial expression (emoticons) and a verbal description of the feeling expressed. Respondents are required to indicate the emotions aroused by the brand or advert in question.

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director