Advertising Research

You take a risk at every stage of advert creation and media strategy building.

If you want:

  • We can help you put together a credible and effective advertising strategy,
  • We can assess the pertinence and effectiveness of new ideas and media
  • We can provide an accurate evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns already conducted.
Ipsos Connect – an advertising and media research division of Ipsos established by combining the Company’s two departments, Ipsos ASI and MediaCT.
Ipsos Connect is number 1 in the world in the field of advert pre-tests, and one of the largest global suppliers of tracking and brand equity studies. It conducts studies into advertising at all stages of creating and implementing advertising campaigns, using standardised research tools that have proved themselves the world over. It helps in taking the best decisions in the process of a campaign's design and in maximising returns on advertising investment.

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Magdalena Lewandowska
Ipsos Connect Director